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Fire Fighter - Kandahar, Afghanistan MULTIPLE VACANCIES

Job ID: 422

Job Details: * Carrying out inspections, testing and maintenance of hand portable Firefighting equipment. Life Safety equipment and fire fighting vehicles.

 Educational & Experience Requirements:
 * Hold a valid civilian driver license
 * Qualified to NFPA Standards or Equivalent;
         * NFPA 1001, Fire fighter Qualifications;
         * NFPA1002 Fire Apparatus driver /Operator;
         * NFPA 1003 Airport Firefighter / NFPA Airport Crash Driver; and
         * NFPA 472 Haz-Mat.

60,000 – 80,000 USD per year (this is inclusive of all hazard pay and uplifts) – WE DO OFFER 3 MONTHS FULLY PAID LEAVE PER YEAR

We are also looking for the following people , as you can see we need a total of over 50 fire fighters both airport experience and structural so if you have any friends please ask them to send their resumes

Rotation of 4 months in country and 1 month out of country, this equates to 4 months paid leave a year.

This job based inside the camp, the entire role is based within the wire. Life on Kandahar is not as austere as one may think; there are over 25,000 people on the base. The base itself is more like a small town and boasts various dining facilities, gyms, a nightclub, Burger King, Pizza hut, Starbucks, a hockey Rink, wireless internet and libraries etc.

Salary: 37000

Region: Kandahar

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