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The scale of placements that we handle covers everything from a single individual to staffing complete project teams. The range of personnel we source is diverse, covering multiple trades and professional disciplines at every level. An average day might find us sourcing anything from a skilled carpenter to a Country Manager.

Our candidates include UK, European, North American and other country nationals. Budgets are an important factor in hiring decisions and we offer real cost-effective solutions by sourcing staff from all corners of the world.

We don’t shrink from a challenge. Our international expertise is predominantly in Africa, the Middle East and Asia and includes locations where working conditions can be difficult and often arduous. In many cases the positions we are asked to source are far beyond the ordinary. As a result, our selection process considers far more than an individual’s professional abilities and experience. We look at their personal qualities, health, family circumstances—anything that might impact on their ability to do the job.
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