Join our team - An overview of recruitment

Recruitment is a service industry, it is also a sales profession, selling the most vital commodity of all: people. Not only are you selling candidates to clients and new job opportunities to candidates, but you will always be selling yourself to both. The success of a recruiter is solely down to them and their confidence and self-belief, without which they are doomed to fail.

Human capital is one of the most valuable resources to a business. Without it any company can grind to a halt or start to haemorrhage money or lose the trust of their customers. When you think about successful businesses, you think about the people behind them, normally at the top of the tree. However, that individual alone cannot maintain the success. The rest of the company need to share the same goals, drivers and passions as they do.

This is what recruitment is: working with companies to help them find the right people to suit their specific needs.

What do recruitment consultants do?

Recruitment consultants work for companies. Our fees are paid by the employer not the candidate, so while we must always work with candidates to make sure they are satisfied through the recruitment process, our priority will always lie with the company.

Recruitment is about relationship building. Some relationships will pay dividends in days or weeks, some may take months or years. A successful recruiter will maintain relationships with clients and candidates alike, becoming a person of trust as they grow their knowledge of the market and grow into an industry expert.

Everyone wants to know a good recruiter, because they are always in the know with respect to what’s happening around them.

What is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process is working with candidates and clients alike, providing both with an excellent level of service in order to satisfy both parties’ wants and needs. This is because, as you continue to work in a professional manner and give everyone you deal with a positive experience, you will find that word spreads and soon people will come to you.

Recruiters need to spend a lot of time on the phone to both candidates and clients, extracting market information and using this to generate more calls. A successful recruiter is always busy and has more information than they can chase.

Once you have contacted a company and sold yourself and your capabilities, it is time to put your money where your mouth is and fill the vacancy. This can be done in a number of ways depending on the role, the seniority, the location and the resources available to you. It may be that you already know the perfect person for the role from your own personal network that you will begin to build.

What’s it like to be a consultant?

Being a recruitment consultant is the personification of the phrase: ‘You get out what you put in’. Recruitment is a challenging industry, as people can change their minds or be dishonest, unlike other products that you may sell. By working hard and putting in the time and effort, however, you will start to develop an excellent business for yourself and begin to reap the benefits.

Due to the international nature of our work, at Millar Cameron consultants need to learn to be flexible with their time – calling a candidate in New Zealand, for example, means you will need to be available either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. This can mean long days, but the rewards greatly outweigh the cost.

A recruitment consultant needs to be an excellent multi-tasker. Having a lot of jobs to work on at once, plus daily administration can mean that those who are unable to manage their time effectively will struggle. Millar Cameron will always help an employee who is trying and wants to succeed. With this attitude we know you can do anything you set your mind to, you just need to be shown how.

What are the rewards?

One of the main rewards of working in recruitment is the financial benefits – being able to bring in a salary much higher than you would initially anticipate. With our uncapped commission scheme at Millar Cameron, a number of successful consultants have been able to afford luxuries that are not widely available to others with the same level of experience in other professions.

On top of this, Millar Cameron encourages progression, not wanting employees to stagnate, but rather to keep growing and developing professionally.

You will gain a number of crucial transferable skills, such as the ability to communicate with anyone from any cultural background, as well as time management and in-depth sales experience allowing you to push forward with your career in any profession.

How to succeed as a consultant at Millar Cameron

Anyone can succeed as a recruitment consultant, providing that they have the will to do so. With the right mental attitude, anyone from any background will be able to become successful. Over time, you will start to build detailed knowledge of your sector, however without a winning attitude all of the information in the world will not be able to make you a success.

If you are generally a person who will take the easy route and shy away from a challenge, then recruitment is not for you. If you thrive from being pushed and pulled and having to overcome obstacles, then get in touch with us directly, as we would like to talk to you today.

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