Profile Plus

Profile Plus: intelligent candidate selection


Standard recruitment processes can be problematic. The candidates put forward aren’t always suitable. Meeting and interviewing them takes valuable time – more so if travelling is involved. You might hire a person without really knowing enough about them. Or spend time interviewing and negotiating with a preferred candidate only to come up against an insurmountable financial obstacle.

We believe the answer lies with recruiters providing detailed candidate information upfront. Available to clients who work exclusively with Millar Cameron, Profile Plus is our sophisticated candidate matching service. It goes far beyond the traditional CV to give you a 360-degree picture of each candidate’s skills, background and requirements.

You receive detailed candidate information including employment history, remuneration, references and psychometric testing. We also provide video interviewing, giving you the opportunity to see and hear each candidate interviewed against your own questions.

From there, you can quickly refine your shortlist, effectively skipping the first-interview stage. More importantly, you can be confident each new recruit is the perfect match for the role and for your organisation.

Profile plus allows you to:

  • Get to know candidates better before the interview stage
  • Save time and resources byconsidering and interviewing only the most suitable candidates
  • Reduce travel with video interviewing
  • Improve retention by hiring the right person for each role
  • Have confidence in the people you employ


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