International development

Expertise and experience in international development

If your organisation is involved in international development, you’ll be familiar with the fact that the rebalancing of the world’s economy from West to East is creating major challenges.

To thrive in such a rapidly changing environment, you need people with a deep understanding of the current issues facing the sector, and the ability to rise to the challenge, understand the complex forces at play and be able to plan ahead, despite the uncertainty.

At Millar Cameron, you will have access to an expert team that knows your sector well and can draw upon an extensive database of specialist talent, along with well developed networks and online resources to help you find the right people with the minimum of fuss.

We have already completed a number of projects within countries such as Bangladesh, Mali, Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana, and continue to use our established network in sectors, such as the food value chain and logistics, to support organisations on projects that involve food security and the development of rural livelihoods.

Working with a variety of establishments, including NGOs, non-profits, family-run foundations and socially conscious businesses, we have gained a reputation for sourcing the right talent from local markets.

We support various organisations involved in programmes ranging from food security, education and empowerment, infrastructure and healthcare.

Millar Cameron feels strongly about supporting  the development of local communities, ensuring projects are staffed with the best talent available.

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